registration, Payments, and additional info

Class Registration

All Students must call to pre-register at least 48 hours in advance. This will secure your spot in the class and is required for all classes except HQL.

We ask that all HQL students pre-register at least 48 hours in advance. Our HQL classes have a set number of spots available. Students who fail to pre-register may not be admitted to the class. 
HQL walk-ins will be charged the "walk in" rate. Cash only. 

Private Classes

Urban Defense LLC provides regularly scheduled classes on a set schedule throughout the year. However, we will provide special individualized classes on a case by case basis subject to instructor availability. There is an additional charge for this service. Ask your customer service representative for more information. 

Group Rates

If you are a business requiring firearms training and/or consulting, Urban Defense LLC can offer a corporate rate for all listed training. In addition, Urban Defense LLC can develop specialized training based upon your specific needs. ​

Urban Defense LLC can offer special group pricing for private clients/large groups or large organizations. Ask your customer service representative for more information.

Consultation Rates


Urban Defense LLC offers private consultation with regards to legal cases, policy development, best practices, risk management, etc.

 Ask your customer service representative for more information


 Multi-State Handgun Permits, District of Columbia Permits, Maryland Handgun Permits, Permit Re-certifications, and/or Maryland Handgun Qualification Licenses (HQL) are processed and approved by the Maryland State Police, State of Utah, District of Columbia, or other applicable agency. Each have specific requirements and qualifications as required by applicable law and/or regulation. It is the student's responsibility to research and understand the license/certification they wish to acquire  and ensure that they meet the minimum requirements to qualify.

Urban Defense LLC is not responsible if the student is rejected by the applicable agency unless the rejection is directly related to the content of the provided course of instruction.

Urban Defense LLC guarantees that all lesson plans meet and exceed the minimum criteria required by the Maryland State Police, District of Columbia, State of Utah, or other applicable agency for certification/license training. 


 All students must pre-pay in full in advance unless other arraignments have been made.

Cash, Check, PayPal, or Credit is accepted. 

There is a 3% fee added for Credit/PayPal transactions.

Personal checks must be received at least 10 days prior to the class. 

Cash, Money Orders and PayPal/Credit Card Payments must be received no less than 48 hours prior to the class unless other arraignments are made. Class seats are not reserved until payment is received.

​*Payments are not refundable.
*In cases of  documented extenuating circumstances and with at least 48 hours notice, a student may be moved to another convenient class date to be scheduled by Urban Defense LLC. 
*Instructor travel rate is based upon the set rate established by the IRS for business travel. Currently that rate is set at $0.56 per mile traveled both to and from the off-site location. Out of state travel or multi-day events will be subject to additional fees.